Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit a splashback behind my hob?

Of course! There's no need to worry about heat affecting your new installment either. Toughened glass can withstand heat over 500 degrees.

Can the glass be cut and/or drilled into?

Your glass can be manufactured with shapes and cut-outs, though once we toughen it, it can no longer be cut/drilled. If you want to cut into your glass yourself, please specify that you would like "untoughened glass".

How are glass splashbacks fixed to the wall?

The easiest method is by using glass adhesive - available from our online shop. Alternatively, we can offer you drill holes and a fixing kit if you'd prefer.

Where can I view some of your samples?

You are very welcome to visit our showroom in Solihull. (Location on our contact page) At our showroom we can show you examples of our splashbacks and worktops as well as a broad range of colours to match.

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