Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit a glass splashback behind my hob?

Yes. There's no need to worry about heat affecting your new installment either, our toughened glass can withstand heat over 500 degrees.

Can glass splashbacks be cut or drilled?

Your glass can be manufactured with shapes and cut-outs, though once we toughen it, it can no longer be cut or drilled. If you want to cut into your glass yourself, please specify that you would like "untoughened glass".

How are glass splashbacks fitted?

1. If the LuxGlass team are fitting it for you we use a very strong adhesive that is low modulus, stuck straight to the wall. We then carefully seal up the rest of the glass to ensure no leaks or dirt can get behind the splashback. 2. If installing glass splashbacks yourself, the easiest method is by using a similar, low modulus, glass adhesive - available from our online shop. Alternatively, we can offer you drill holes and a fixing kit if you'd prefer.

Where can I view/get LuxGlass samples?

Our samples are in our Solihull showroom. Here, we can show you examples of our splashbacks and worktops as well as a broad range of colours to match. Samples are now £5 each if you'd like to take a few home.

How to clean glass splashbacks?

Any glass cleaner will do the job, we highly recommend a Bohle glass cleaner (can be found in our online store). Don't use soapy water as this will leave a residue.

Where to buy glass splashbacks?

For bespoke glass splashbacks, please contact our office here. The LuxGlass team will be happy to help guide you through the process from quote to fitting. Looking for standard sizes? Our online shop has a small variety and a range of colours for you to pick from.

Can glass splashbacks be removed?

Glass splashbacks are designed to be fitted permanently without visible fixings so are glued to the wall. LuxGlass splashbacks are all toughened making them almost 5 times stronger than untoughened glass. This strength means they should withstand being removed without breaking, however, it is likely the adhesive will damage the wall so it is not recommended.

How much are glass splashbacks?

6mm toughened backpainted glass splashbacks start at £198m2 for any colour. This price increases to £298m2 for digitally printed glass splashbacks.

Can glass splashbacks be fitted over tiles?

Yes, they can be fitted over tiles, however, due to the 6mm thickness of the glass this may cause the splashback to protrude. We recommend the tiles to be removed first.

Does LuxGlass offer a colour matching service?

Yes we can match any colour from any sample you may provide, however, these colours may look slightly different once painted due to the type/thickness of the glass.

What are LuxGlass lead times?

Our current lead time for supply-only jobs is 2-3 weeks but for bespoke jobs that may involve templating, CAD work, cut outs etc is 3-6 weeks. As we are working with bespoke glass products, there is always a possibility that our lead times may run over.

Can I get a glass sample to take home?

Yes, we can offer glass samples in any colour of your choosing. All we need is a £5 refundable deposit just to make sure the glass is returned in a presentable condition.