Fused Glass Design

Unique, Bespoke, Artisan Glass



Every one of our glass products are hand-made, from the artists hand-drawing your chosen design to our artisans hand-crafting your glass artwork. No two pieces are the same.



Heated to 820ºC, red-hot glass is slumped onto hand-carved moulds. Temperature, time and gravity work together to set the glass into the form of the carvings and preserve the sculptured texture of each design.


Functional Art

A stunning focal point in any room. Colourful, textured, one-of a kind, non-porous and toughened. Every step in the process completely adjustable, enquire now.

Here at Fused Glass Design we make the largest hand crafted, kiln-formed glass available in the UK with sizes up to 3m x 2.5m per panel enabling architects and interior designers to create larger, unique pieces. We offer cut-outs, shaping and the following range of glass thicknesses: 6mm; 8mm; 10mm; 12mm and 15mm.

If you're interested in fused glass products, get in touch and we'll help you from choosing your designs and colours to installing your handmade glass.