Glass Shelves

Elegant Glass Shelves

For rooms where glass worktops, splashbacks or upstands have been installed, the introduction of glass shelves is the perfect way to finish off the design. We can supply and fit glass shelves and window sills in an array of colours and benefit from being incredibly tough, pleasing to the eye and hygienic due to their easy method of cleaning.

Coloured glass fitted beneath a window is a fantastic feature as it reflects the natural light around the room, making the space seem bright and welcoming as well as adding a crisp cleanliness to the whole area.

Glass Shelves & Coloured Glass Window Sills

Glass Shelves and coloured glass window sills are a colourful and elegant addition to any room - especially where glass splashbacks and upstands have been installed. Fitting coloured glass beneath windows where light enters the room creates a fantastic effect which adds a crisp cleanliness and brightens up the surrounding area.

Coloured glass shelves and sills are made with 10mm thick toughened and scratch resistant glass as standard which means they are extremely robust and hard wearing. Available in any colour and size up to 3000mm glass shelves can shaped to fit even the most out-of-square window sill. Due to the unique properties of toughened glass the shelves are extremely tough, attractive to look at and hygienic thanks to their ease of cleaning.

With a choice of thousands of colours glass shelves can be tailored to any colour scheme including the option of coloured sparkle.
Please see our Colour page for more information.

Lux Glass shelves are manufactured with 10mm thick Ultra-Clear Glass due to its low-iron content which ensures optimum clarity for precise colour matching and light reflective properties. We use heat-resistant, toughened, safety glass conforming to BS EN 12150 as standard.

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