Glass Upstands

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Colourful Glass Upstands

A further method of enhancing a kitchen or bathroom design is through the installation of stylish and colourful glass upstands which, alongside looking great, protect painted walls around the room. At Lux Glass, we generally manufacture upstands which run below the sockets to avoid having to cut out sections, however can work around your needs as they can be made to a height and length up to a maximum of 3000mm.

There are hundreds of different colours to choose from to complement your existing interior design and fall in line with your own personal tastes, and each upstand is manufactured from Ultra-Clear glass for superb clarity and light reflecting attributes.

Glass upstands are a fantastic way to bring a touch of colour and style to any kitchen or bathroom. At Lux Glass we have upstands available in any colour that you desire to match both your personal taste and also the style of the room. They are an inexpensive and practical solution to protect painted walls whilst injecting a splash of colour.

Lux Glass upstands usually run just below sockets to avoid the need for cut outs at around 150mm tall, although they can be made to any height and length up to a maximum of 3000mm. Let us know what your requirements are and we will create a fabulous upstand for your home.

LuxGlass Upstands

Coloured glass upstands are toughened as standard which is essential in areas exposed to high temperatures, for instance around the hob or cooker to prevent damage. If preferred, glass upstands can also be supplied toughened for competent DIY enthusiasts so that they can be cut to length whilst fitting.

We provide a choice of thousands of colours so that you can match the glass upstand perfectly to the theme of the room. Our upstands can also be produced with the added option of coloured sparkle for a touch of glamour.

A Lux Glass upstand is manufactured with 6mm thick Ultra-Clear Glass due to its low-iron content, ensuring optimum clarity for precise colour matching and light reflective properties. We use 6mm heat-resistant, toughened, safety glass conforming to BS EN 12150 as standard.

For any questions on please speak to a member of staff by calling 0800 0436 900.

Coloured Glass Upstands