Glass Worktops

Stylish and Modern Glass Worktops

A beautifully designed and manufactured glass worktop can transform the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom, making the space feel more welcoming as well as creating a real focal point within the room. At Lux Glass, we create our glass worktops using 19mm thick toughened safety glass which is scratch resistant, stain proof and incredibly robust for long term performance.

With a wide variety of different colour options available and the ability to cut holes in the worktop for hobs and sinks along with grooves for drainage, we can create a bespoke glass worktop design that suits your space and perfectly matches your specifications.

19mm Toughened Glass

Heat Resistant to 500 Degrees

Easy to Clean

Polished Edges

Any Colour

10 Year Colour Guarantee

Scratch Resistant

Safety Glass

Simply stunning glass worktops for kitchens and bathrooms are available from Lux Glass to complete your desired interior look. We manufacture our glass cooker splashbacks and glass worktops using either 15 or 19mm thick toughened safety glass to ensure that you are provided with a safe product that is to the highest standard. We can produce a bespoke design to match your specific requirements and can create them in almost any colour imaginable.


Glass worktops are extremely robust, stain proof, scratch resistant and easy to clean so are therefore ideal for households. Our coloured worktops make a beautiful focal point in any kitchen or bathroom, new or old. They have the ability to open up a room and create a bright, welcoming appearance for those who enter. We can cut grooves for drainage and holes to fit hobs and sinks so that you do not have to worry about adjusting it round your fittings.

Glass Worktops

Here at Lux Glass we use Ultra-Clear Glass for all of our glass cooker splashbacks, as it has a low-iron content which ensures optimum clarity for incredibly precise colour matching and reflection of light. 6mm heat-resistant, toughened, safety glass is the type we choose to use which conforms to BS EN 12150 as standard. All of our glass worktops are suitable for many areas of the house where you wish to create a stunning focal point.

To enquire about creating your dream glass cooker splashback or glass worktop, call us on 0800 0436 900 or alternatively you can send us an email at

Glass Cooker Splashbacks